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The philosophy behind my jewellery: Feng Shui

Published on 07/11/2017 from Monica Bachmann

Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese art and science that is over 3,000 years old; it teaches how to live in harmony with the environment. Deeply rooted in Chinese culture and Taoist philosophy, this discipline studies the flow of energy in the universe and our interactions with it.

Feng Shui takes you down a path where you can discover your true potential and build on it. It teaches us how to find harmony and inner peace as well as how to improve interpersonal relationships and general well-being.

Its origins date back to the careful observation of nature. In fact, that which unites us with the surrounding environment is extremely strong. Everything is interrelated: every living being, every thought and every feeling. Based on this observation we can come to the following realisation: Life flows harmoniously when we are in balance and in harmony with the forces of nature.

In many areas of our lives, our Western culture (and unfortunately at our own expense) has made us accustomed to competing with nature or to want to dominate it.

It has been proven that spirit, mind, body and the environment influence each other as they are closely related to the harmonious environment, spiritual and mental well-being, health, good relationships with others, happy moments and success.

Practically everything in life can be a Feng Shui tool, whether it's a cactus or a pet. There is no bad Feng Shui, but only inappropriate energetic elements in the wrong place.

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