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The inspiration behind a unique item of jewellery

Published on 16/11/2017 from Monica Bachmann

Luckily I'm not lacking in inspiration. In fact there are days where I have a thousand ideas in mind that I would like to immediately bring to life. The idea can come in a flash and at any time of the day. The "worst" thing is when ideas come to you during the night. You risk being unable to sleep due to excitement and you end up creating the item of jewellery in your mind. In these cases it is rare for me to do a sketch. For more complex processes, or where I need to cut materials such as copper or silver, I make sketches to define dimensions and evaluate the technical feasibility. My work also involves a lot of experimentation and final results don't always meet expectations: you try and try again ... until you're satisfied with the result. I also have a drawer of various initiated and unfinished projects: a drawer I call the “think tank". In fact, at one time or another, even the "think tank” projects find their way.
Having so many ideas I find it boring to make two identitcal pieces of jewellery. That's why I decided to only do unique pieces. I also like to create cabochons, with colours and shapes I like the most.
Great inspirations of mine are nature, with its thousands of colours and shapes, art books and materials. I am always eager to know how to combine different materials. At the moment I'm experimenting with precious wood combined with with copper, silver and gold. They are already complete in my mind, but I still have to refine carpentry techniques. I hope to be able to show you the initial outcomes soon.
And when I have no ideas, or none that inspire me at any particular moment, I empty my mind and dedicate myself to something else. I have recently discovered Art Journaling and drawing, and it takes no time for me to be overwhelmed by a whole host of new ideas...

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