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My favourite materials: porcelain

Published on 24/11/2017 from Monica Bachmann

Many people ask me where I learn the various techniques I use in my creations. Ever since my childhood I have always liked manual work and, thanks to my mother, who has always supported me, I have acquired important basic knowledge and good manual skills. I have also attended courses to pick up some basic techniques and I have taught myself by reading books and magazines. I define myself as self-taught. I have always been curious to learn new things; I have already had experience of painting on wood, crochet, knitting, glass engraving and heat engraving on wood and sculptures.
For about the last 16 years my great passion, besides creating items of jewellery, bas been my porcelain dolls. They are art dolls that I create from A to Z. I found porcelain in chalk moulds and after a few days, when the porcelain is completely dry I sand it to make the surface smooth and devoid of scratches and marks. Then the various pieces (head, shoulders, arms and legs) are cooked at 1190 degrees Celcius. In so doing you obtain the porcelain biscuit: now it's ready to receive multiple layers of colour. Each layer is placed in the oven at 740 degrees Celcius. With just one coating of colour the dolls are given their unique personality. The eyes can be made out of glass or painted. In this case, in order to give them the right depth, they need at least 5 layers of colour which are then set in the oven. Lastly, I take pleasure in creating items of clothing that fit the personality of the doll. I've created fantastical, sexy, ethinic as well as child dolls. Sizes vary from about 6 cm to 100 cm in height. Creating dolls and working with porcelain has increased my dexterity and accuracy, and I have even learned to sew very small items of clothing. On average, it takes between 50 and 100 hours of work to create a doll. They are all creations that give me immense joy, relax me and catapult me into another world. What's more, all my dolls are unique pieces.
The desire to create new things has also led me to the miniature world, that is, doll houses in 1:12 scale. Yet another fascinating world to tell you about the next time we meet! ;-)

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