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Published on 03/05/2018 from Monica Bachmann

Copper, gold, silver and tin were the first metals that Man came to know. Since copper is easy to work, it was already in use in prehistoric times. Copper objects dating as far back as 8700 BC have been discovered. Copper and its many alloys played an important role in many civilizations, from ancient Egyptians to the Romans, and even modern cultures all over the world.

I use copper to create pendants, earrings and bracelets. I have started to learn about its properties and I like to experiment with various techniques. Every day I discover new qualities of this fantastic material. Copper is relatively soft, malleable and at the same time resistant. I can polish it to render it reflective, give it a satin surface, impress it and combine it with other materials. Depending on the project, I can make 'cold' joins, in other words, join two pieces with rivets and/or special nails, or joining via hot welding. I also like 'playing' with different types of finishes. For some projects copper needs to be antiqued and it can be give a sulfur-based sheen. Since copper is a good conductor, I can also silver- or gold-plate it by galvanizing, depending on the effect I want to achieve. But even a flame can change the colour of copper and you can get beautiful combinations of colours including pinks, purples and blues.

I start my project by cutting the copper into the desired shape by using a hacksaw, after which I start to work it. Sometimes it's the material itself during the process that directs me down the right road ... And my project changes appearance! I enjoy letting myself be surprised by the final result: all that remains to do is find the right necklace or earring hook to highlight its uniqueness.

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