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Necklace and soutache pendant ALISA, unique piece, handmade

CHF 95.00

A pendant with a special shape and rich in details. Made with the soutache technique, it has in his center a particular cabochon of green tones.
Surrounded by soutache ribbons in green, silver, violet and turquoise. Various cut beads and different style give the pendant harmony. At the top there is a Swarovski rivoli with multicolored reflections. The pendant is sewn by hand, taking care of the smallest details.
The back of the pendant is lined with a dark green Ultrasuède fabric, very pleasant to the touch with the skin. The necklace is made with synthetic pearls of various sizes and colors, which match the color of the pendant. The pendant measures approx. 9 cm in height and approx. 7.5 cm in wideness. The total length of the necklace, including the pendant, is approx. 38 cm.
Due to light materials used, the pendant with the necklace weighs only 41 grams. All creations by Monica Bachmann are delivered in a beautiful gift box together with the original sketch. Single piece.

Weight: 41 gr
Pendant length: 90 mm
Total length: 380 mm
Color: Green
Material: Viscose, acrylique, similcuir, crystal Swarovski, résine
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