Creativity, fascination of colours, precious materials, sophisticated techniques ... All of these factors contribute to the creation of unique pieces, handmade by artist Monica Bachmann.

My experience as an artist began with the creation of porcelain art dolls. As well as creating dolls, I designed their clothes using elegant fabrics, oftentimes purchased in faraway countries. I have always liked to go into great detail regarding every aspect: the clothes gave the dolls a certain charm and exceptional beauty. Even at that time, it was entirely about unique pieces that cannot be reproduced.
From porcelain I started to devote myself to clay. My passion then extended to sculpture, and then to smaller objects, such as jewellery.
Since then making jewellery is my passion.
Creating an item of jewellery is a real challenge for me: the challenge is being able to create an aesthetically beautiful artwork in its every detail that is able to make the person who wears it even more beautiful

Surprising results

Sometimes I have an initial idea of the result I want to get. However, during the creative process something completely different, unexpected and more beautiful may come to life. While working on an idea, often, and with great pleasure, I come across new effects and aspects.


I draw my inspiration from nature, going for walks and before going to sleep. Natural shapes are an unlimited source of ideas for me. I am also fascinated by Oriental philosophy, especially by the concepts of feng shui and energy fields.


I create products that reflect different tastes, with varied styles and techniques. I'm always careful not to repeat the same concept: I want to incorporate increasingly innovative aspects in every one of my creations. I put great passion into my work, which facilitates the process.
“Create your own visual style. Let it be unique to you and identifiable to others.”
— Orson Welles.

Creativity, commitment and great passion for my work.

Monica Bachmann products include handmade jewellery for women, symbolic silver jewellery with semi-precious stones and energy sculptures made of glass. Every handmade item of jewellery is a unique piece, handcrafted by the artist. Symbolic jewellery and energy sculptures are personally chosen and selected by the artist.


Making handmade jewellery evokes unique emotions. But even more exciting is seeing them worn ...
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