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Jewelry set, necklace and earrings, GOLDEN SUNSET, unique piece

CHF 120.00

All made by Monica Bachmann for lovers of a unique and exclusive jewelry piece. Held in the warm colors of a golden sunset. The colors of the ribbons and pearls reflect the colors inside the cabochon. The copper components of the necklace are embossed and oxidized. The earrings are 65 mm long and approx. 38 mm (at widest point). While the pendant has a length of approx. 80 mm and a width of approx. 50 mm. The total length (pendant with necklace) is approx. 370 mm.
The back of the earrings and pendant is covered with terracotta colored Ultrasuède fabric and with the initials of Monica Bachmann on a gold plated copper plate.
It is a unique piece and comes in an elegant package.

Weight: 26 gr.
Pendant length: 80 mm
Total length: 370 mm
Earring length: 65 mm
Earring width: 50 mm
Earring width: 38 mm
Earring weight: 6 gr.
Color: Orange
Material: Viscose, acrylic, leatherette, resin, copper
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