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Handmade pendant JADE, Soutache technique, unique piece

CHF 90.00

Pendant, unique piece, entirely handmade.
The central cabochon has been made of resin with dichromatic sheets that give off special color effects. Throughout the work with Soutache technique the same colors have been taken that can be glimpsed in the cabochon: from blue to green, from gold to copper.
A handmade pendant with sinuous and harmonic forms.
The necklace is in gold-colored aluminum. The backing of the pendant is made with beige leatherette Ultrasuede.
A perfect gift that comes in a nice box.

Weight: 15 gr
Width: 50 mm
Pendant length: 110 mm
Total length: 510 mm
Color: Green
Material: Viscose, acrylic, leatherette, resin
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