Handmade jewelry

What is the clay used for the production of handcrafted pendants?

Clay is a natural material, already known in ancient times. Even today we find vases, amphorae and statues perfectly preserved in our museums. Other names commonly used for clay are earthenware and stoneware. It is extracted from sediments and is a fine-grained natural rock.

Why does the artist use clay?

The clay is easily moldable at hand and after firing it becomes very hard-wearing and long lasting.

Which are the production processes?

After being molded, the crafted pendant must be dried completely. This process may take a week. The dried pendants are polished to get a smooth surface and then they get a first firing at approx. 1,200° C for many hours. After firing the raw pendant is ready for glazing.

How do the crafted pendants get colored?

To color the pendant, the artist uses only lead-free glazes, according to his inspiration. The glaze must dry for approx. 1 week; after which it is fired a second time at approx. 1,000° C. With this firing we get the glaze and color brilliance of the surface.

Why are the crafted pendants unique pieces?

Because of the artist’s choice to produce only a piece and, on the other hand, it is very difficult, almost impossible, to control the glazing effect to create two equal pieces.

How is the crafted pendant delivered?

The pendant comes in a nice box with two metal necklaces of different length.

Symbolic jewelry

What is symbolic jewelry?

The symbolic jewelry is 925 sterling silver jewelry partly with semiprecious stones and is inspired by sacred geometry

What is sacred geometry?

Sacred Geometry states that everything is made of patterns and structures in the universe. Not only the physical and tactile world, but also our emotions and thoughts are ruled by their principles. Sacred Geometry tries to study the mathematical ratios, proportions and vibrations, which are the basis of all creation.

How does the Sacred Geometry affect us?

Sacred Geometry affects us mainly through the language of symbols. It increases our well-being, our attention and concentration. It can be reassuring, it helps us to be centered and promotes relaxation, peace, contemplation and meditation.

Some properties of the semiprecious stones used in the symbolic jewelry

Rose quartz
Rose quartz is a symbol of femininity. Gives inner peace, balance, tranquility and joy. It teaches us to love all forms of life and heal the wounds through forgiveness. Rose quartz opens to self-love and love for others, makes you feel worthy to receive, develops participation and sensitivity, teaches generosity and tolerance.

Smoky quartz
It focuses the mind on practical and real things, increases concentration and rationality. For this, it helps us to support the moments of hostility and to overcome them successfully. It makes it easier to withstand fatigue, tension and stress. Powerful, could be of relief for people who tend to chronic fatigue. It helps to rationally solve problems with others.

Rhodochrosite promotes unconditional love and optimistic attitude towards life. It is a good guide to the pursuit of happiness in the emotional field. It makes active, spontaneous and dynamic. It is useful for hypersensitive and easily irritated, weak and passive persons.

Black tourmaline
The black tourmaline is considered one of the main stones for the purification of one's energies and to protect against environmental negativity. Removes victimhood and self-pity transforming the negative attitude into a positive.
It strengthens the rationality and the ability to recognize one’s mistakes, helps us solve situations with no prospective. It clarifies the inner blocks and leads to introspection. The black tourmaline reduces neurotic predispositions and decreases the tensions due to stress.

The turquoise instills energy in moments of fatigue, relieves depression and protects the individual from the negative influences of the environment. It has a calming effect and reduces the tendency to self-pity infusing joy of life and awareness of the own abilities.
The turquoise stimulates intuition and perception of one's psycho-physical unit, balancing all polarities (male and female) and the dualisms (body and spirit). Enhances creative expression skills and the power of communication through the use of voice. It promotes a sense of beauty and facilitates interpersonal relationships and harmony in relationships.

It gives us inner peace, serenity, balance and harmony, eliminates worries, awakens the patience and removes self-centeredness. It dissolves the fear and helps to deal situations with more consciousness. Ideal to overcome moments of sadness and mild depression, especially if related to loss or damage. It allows you to relax under stress. Calms tensions, gives relief in case of insomnia and is useful for meditation.

Red coral stimulates the vital energy and vitality, eliminates energetic imbalances due to negative moods, opens the heart with the power of love and is considered a stone of sensuality and affection. It also helps inner changes.

Carnelian infuses vitality, optimism and joy. It helps to eliminate negative feelings like hate, envy and jealousy. Improves mood. It puts us in close contact with the earth, and gives us the joy of life, courage and strength.

Fluorite promotes freedom of thought and drives a person not to be influenced by external influences for the realization of one's life. It helps to reorganize one’s life and to reach a condition of autonomy and emotional stability, instilling trust and dissolving the confusion.

The lapislazuli promotes wisdom and honesty, helps the self-reliance and stimulates intuition and concentration. Known as the stone of friendship, it facilitates the expression of feelings, makes extroverted and improves interpersonal relationships. It helps to master conflicts. It is the stone that connects mankind with the universe and harmonizes the microcosm with the macrocosm.

Malachite stimulates the consciousness of one’s needs and desires and pushes the individual to realize them, to live one's emotions without becoming a prisoner, to develop the decision to get rid of old sorrows and repressed trauma. Increases love for beauty and the thirst for knowledge. It makes life intense and adventurous. It enhances the ability of expression and comprehension, reduces fear and selfishness, helps to get in contact with others on an empathic level.
It develops the powers of observation, critical spirit and liveliness of thought: the person learns how to manage in a more satisfactory manner the daily reality.

Cleaning and maintenance of symbolic jewelry

  • Deposit of soap, cream and make-up can be removed with an ultrasonic device. The ultrasound device should not contain harsh detergents. It is best to use water with a neutral detergent.

  • Only use liquids for silver immersion expressly for silver jewelry (the ones for silver tableware or for gold are not suitable).

  • The symbolic jewelry with semi-precious stone like lapislazuli, coral, turquoise, etc. are not suitable for cleaning with liquids for silver. This jewelry can be cleaned with water and a mild detergent. When dry they can be polished with a cleaning cloth for silver.

Glass sculptures

Which kind of glass is used for the glass sculptures?

Beveled flat glass based on sand and silicon. It is not lead crystal.

How should the glass sculptures be cleaned?

Use a soft, dry cloth. Do not use water or chemicals, as each finished piece is covered by a protective layer of wax.

Can I hang outside the glass sculpture?

To preserve for long time your glass sculpture we recommend to suspend it inside or under a shelter. It is advisable that your glass sculpture is not exposed to rain.

Can the suspension cable rust?

No, the suspension cable is made of stainless steel and does not rust.

What is dichroic glass?

NASA invented the dichroic glass. The flat glass is placed in a sealed and vacuum chamber, where it is sprayed with a metal oxide. It is the oxide on the surface of the glass that gives the color effect.

What is the difference between clear glass and dichroic glass?

Dichroic glass changes color constantly, regardless of the surrounding colors. When light shines onto the dichroic glass, blocks of color are reflected, while the transparent glass reflects more bright light points and prisms.

What is the technique used to create the glass sculptures?

The technique used for the creation of glass sculptures is that of the soldering. Each piece is carefully hand-built with the “Tiffany” technique. Any shape is processed individually by hand using only the finest materials and is finished with stainless steel wire and rings.

How do I display my glass sculpture?

You can use a screw hook in your ceiling and suspend the glass sculpture. If necessary, you can extend the length with a chain. Alternatively, you can buy one of our specially designed stands to display your glass sculpture for example on a table.

Who is the artist?

Asaf is an artist and glass designer and combines ancient geometric symbols with beveled glass, to create stunning three-dimensional artworks. These special pieces are exclusive and timeless, ranging from simple forms to complex designs. The light that is reflected on the beveled edges creates a real "cascade" of extraordinary rainbows into the surrounding environment. Asaf has realized his dream. His passion and his creative energy continues to flow in its art sculptures that radiate a visual stunning timeless magic.

Sacred forms to support healing and transformation.

For many years Asaf was fascinated by the sacred symbol of the Merkaba, the six-pointed star - or star tetrahedron. After years of study and research on the meaning of this powerful and transformative shape, he began to develop other different forms always linked to sacred geometry.

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