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Elegant necklace STARLIGHT with pyrite pearls, unique piece

CHF 80.00

Elegant necklace with warm tints as gold and brown (pearls in wood) contrasted with blue glass beads in the shape of a ufo. At the bottom, there are three pyrite stone pearls. Pyrite is associated with the fire element, that is, the sphere of energy and strength. Pyrite is also called flint stone; as if it is hit with a piece of metal it generates sparks. In ancient times, it was believed that it contained fire inside it and was used for the production of protective amulets or for therapeutic purposes to warm the body.
This necklace combines elegance with the beneficial properties of pyrite stone. In fact, pyrite gives energy and stability to whom it wears it and enhances optimism and helps to accept the changes that occur in life. The necklace is a unique piece.

Weight: 61 gr.
Pendant length: 54 cm
Color: Light blue
Material: Pyrite, wood
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